Plant Extracts for Sleep Disturbances: A Systematic Review

Opera’s team supported Prof. L. Ferini-Strambi (University of Milan, Italy) in performing a systematic review on plant extracts for sleep disturbances. The results were recently published on

Sleep complaints are common health issues in the general population. These conditions are associated with poorer physical and psychological activity, and they may have important social, economic, and personal consequences. In the last years, several food supplements with different plant extracts have been developed and are currently taken for improving sleep. Study Objectives. The aim of this study is to systematically review recent literature on oral plant extracts acting on sleep disorders distinguishing their action on the different symptoms of sleep complaints: difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep, waking up too early, and quality of sleep.

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Author information: S. Guadagna, D. F. Barattini, S. Rosu, and L. Ferini-Strambi